How to feed your wrestler

Chantielle Harris, Nutritionist First things first-  Understand that  Food=Energy. Once you understand that concept you can look at this seminar more so like how to fuel my wrestler.  —if you went out of your way to purchase a race car–it would require a specific type of fuel to run correctly right? Feeding your wrestler- orContinue reading “How to feed your wrestler”


TO ASSIST BEHAVIORS ASSOCIATED W/ ADHD Chantielle Harris, Nutritionist  ADHD or Attention Deficit- Hyperactivity Disorder has become quite common in most recent years. In 2011 64.5% of the children in New Jersey were reportedly diagnosed and medicated.,2019    My oldest child is brilliant. He has been performing well in school and blowing test scores outContinue reading MANAGE YOUR CHILD’S DIET 

New Year New Me

How not to lose weight this new year. Chantielle Harris, Nutritionist    I have decided to share some information regarding weight loss . I share information on this topic daily as this is my current 9-5 career choice as a nutritionist. I love having conversations with my clients and changing the way they look atContinue reading “New Year New Me”