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Wellness Retreats by FYP

hosted by Chantielle Harris

For the sake of feeling good… Let’s HEAL!

What is a wellness retreat?
Retreat means to withdraw to a secluded or quiet place.
But why?
We live in a fast paced environment. We are always worried about our next move, what needs to
be done, our schedule, or even what happened yesterday. We are rarely present due to living this
way. Is Americans are also highly stressed and it is becoming harder and harder to think clearly.
A retreat takes us away from our normal fast paced environment and can give us a moment to
think clearly. During this time- spending moments in nature, digging deep within yourself
while also feeding your mind and body positive thoughts and energy can promote a wellness
you never knew you could obtain. Sometimes In Order to feel better you need to take a moment
away from the environment that could be possibly feeding an illness within.
Upcoming wellness Retreats for 2024
Colorado Springs, CO- March 27,2024- 31st
Panama (passport needed) November 14, 2024-18th
What’s included:
● Room/board- choose a private room or share with another retreat
● Food: Daily: breakfast &-dinner
● Transportation while we are away
● Group outing: ex: tour guide, any group activities that require outside
● Daily yoga & meditation
● Mental health activities and group sessions
● Nutrition 101course (intro to eating healthy)
● 1 dance class
● 1 ceremony of the authentic self
Total cost 1500 shared room/1800 private room
Add ons: bed upgrade in shared room:$75
(If available)
Private counseling (nutrition & WL goal setting $40 mental health $50)
Deposit due to secure your spot: $500
Pay off suggestion: $150/monthly for 10-12 months
Or pay 500 -every 3 months (+$300 2 months prior to due date if private
This is not a girls trip…
While we are traveling and exploring new places, our retreats have a rigorous itinerary which is
geared to promote change in your mental and physical wellness. Our retreats only last 4-5 days
in which we will need to get through all of our wellness activities during this time. Please
attend with a clear understanding that we are here to help and if our activities are done with a
clear intent for change- you could go home and lead a life full of positivity, peace, & pleasure!
Unsure if you can afford our payment options?
We may have some work/barter opportunities for kitchen help, cleaning, or even driving (must
have clean driving record) please inquire via email.
Once your spot has been confirmed, you will be scheduled to meet with one of our team
members to discuss your goals and expect rations during our time together.
I look forward to hearing from you!
With love & high vibrations,

You can register by paying a $500 deposit at

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