Retreat Vibez

Wellness by FYP

hosted by Chantielle Harris

Hi again friends,

I am excited and extremely grateful to be able to share these upcoming experiences with you guys.

First I would just like to express that I try my best to make these one of a kind experiences very meaningful. I also try to include almost everything into the price. (So if you come on this retreat with zero dollars in spending money you will be good.) 

However, I do also leave room for shopping and exploring because we’re women and you know.. lol.


Understand that registering to one of these experiences you will make bonds and connections with everyone present! So if you come alone I promise you will feel like you knew everyone for years. We get pretty deep and discuss uncomfortable topics, so you will cry.. we also laugh until it hurts. 


First up Puerto Rico


We will explore el Yunque (the forest) we will also visit old San Juan, explore the culture, learn to cook a few dishes, do yoga, meditate, discuss mental wellness and manifest all things necessary for our growth. 

Price can range from $1200-$1500 depending on if you’d like to share a room or have a private room. Healthy  Meals will be prepared in the home and during our exploring days you can pack a lunch or eat out. 

Plane tickets are not included in the price, however transportation to & from the airport will be provided. 



We will be exploring the culture, art, & food here in Louisiana. My best friend owns a spa here as well and we will all receive facials with 1 add on included in your registration fee. As always we will have meditation, yoga, mental and nutritional wellness exercises while we are together. 

I have reached out to the host of the home to see if there were any way to make shared room accommodations and I have been able to do so. Private rooms are $1500.00, and a shared space is $1200.00 each. (reminder excursions, food and transportation is included in the price.)


Again flight tickets are not included but transportation to and from the home will be provided. 

You can register by paying a $500 deposit at

Current attendees may make payments on their trips by using the link below

The beds are limited for each home and it is first come first served. With that being said, I am a huge advocate for the healing of women as a whole and I genuinely want anyone who needs this retreat to be able to attend. If you wish to attend but need help with your initial deposit please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly to see how we can make things work. 

Namaste you amazing -successful- skilled and beautiful queens! Talk to you soon! 

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