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FYP was created by Chantielle Harris who is a holistic nutritionist, 500 hr registered yoga teacher, doula, herbalist, mom, wife, plant mom, dog mom, and more. Chantielle had a health scare during pregnancy which led her to seek a path of wellness. Once she realized how she could help others feel good with implementing subtle dietary changes, brining meditation, enjoying nature, and having someone advocate for them, she dedicated a space within herself to be that helpmate to those who seek this wellness. Chantielle has a Bachelors degree in nutrition science and certifications for yoga, birth work and herbalism. She studied scientific, evidence based nutrition, as well as holistic views on wellness and the wellness paradigm. So in conjunction with her personal experience she is well educated within her scope of practice. She aims to focus on helping others figure out how to balance life, be well, and find joy while bringing harmony to the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of their own wellness.

While you are visiting FYP Take time out to browse the menu options, read the blog, & share tips of your own. You can also inquire about plant adoption, book a consultation, or visit the gift shop browse products. I hope you enjoy your stay. NAMASTE’ friends!