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Welcome to my blog!

Hi there friends,

I have created this blog to share tons of information as well as my thoughts and personal experience with food yoga and plants. These are three topics I am very passionate about and I look forward with sharing the information I have learned over the years.

I have used food science to bring optimal health to my body and the bodies of my family members. I have also helped hundreds of individuals change their diet and unhealthy behaviors. I have a bachelors degree in nutrition science and I currently work as a holistic nutritionist specializing in weight loss and hormone imbalance.

As a child I took dance classes and it was during my time as a dancer that I was first introduced into yoga. While I was introduced into yoga there, I found a different type of relationship with yoga during my first trimester of my second pregnancy. Pregnancy for me, is potentially dangerous, so my midwife recommended private yoga classes as well as healthy eating habits to keep my health issues from making my delivery scary as they did the first time around.

Plants have been in my life since I was a child. I have been weeding my grandmothers garden and picking vegetables since I could remember. I started gardening after my first son was able to walk and talk on his own. I picked it up as the motherly need to continue caring for babies. The difference with plants is that they are silent babies, so you kind of have to find out if they are sick or hungry or thirsty in other ways.

I share my knowledge as well as pictures of all three topics on social media and I often get a lot of the same questions from multiple viewers. I figured a blog would be helpful to share my knowledge, while only having to type the information once. lol

Having shared a mouthful of rambling, I’d like to say I hope you all enjoy my blog, follow it, and share your thoughts and knowledge with me as well. Think of this space as a “sharing space”.

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 Plant number one is the ZZ plant. ZZ plants are one of the plants that have been deemed unkillable, they are often referred to as “EZ” plants. They can thrive in most light conditions from full sun to low light, & If that isn’t”t a reason to purchase, It has the ability to kill airborne toxins. That last part is one of the qualities I look for in a plant.  

 Plant number two is a ponytail palm. Ponytails are my absolute favorite. I just love the way their leaves imitate hair. I love their trunks and just their overall demeanor. Ponytails require very minimal care. They do their best in bright lights but can survive droughts very well. When my cat was a kitten I feel like his main purpose in life was to kill my ponytail palm, but despite his determination and daily attempts he just could not succeed. The plant survives many knock over incidents, and even an occasional need for my kitty to pee on him. I eventually learned that I could hang him or place stones in the soil to deter my cat and my ponytail is still alive and well. They live for over 300 years so I think that this tree is awesome to pass down for generations to come.   

  Plant number three is the Spider Plant. I am such a hippie at heart and the spider plant is the plant of the hippie era. Not only that but spider plants are the plant that keeps on giving. You can hang them near a window and in no time they will multiply. They can look like a spider hanging from your ceiling at night so if your afraid of spiders maybe you should pass, or hang it in the kitchen near the fridge to deter your late night cravings.   

  Number four is the golden pothos. This is another one of my favorites, (honestly all plants are my favorite) I love to hang it and watch it blossom. They do well in bright light as well but do not require full sun. Just water once per week and rotate it here and there so that its leaves do not burn in the sun. Some leaves may turn yellow and fall off, but no worries a new one (or 5) will grow in its place.  

  Number five​ is the Snake Plant. This plant reminds me of my childhood. My mother and grandmother had these plants all over their homes. They do well in most light levels, from low to full. The amount of light it gets determines its watering needs. You simply water once the  soil is dry. The snake plant has recently become very popular and looks great in urban room decor.   

While there are many other beginner friendly plants, I chose these 5 because I feel like they can add a great sophisticated look to any room, they are extremely forgiving, and they are ones I get often to revive and place for adoption. So if your looking for a low maintenance plant at an affordable price reach out to me via my contact page to see what I have in stock.

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