Who is behind Food Plants and Yoga?

Chanti, is a Holistic Nutritionist with a BA is Nutrition science and an experienced Registered Yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. She holds a huge passion for helping others especially, those who are highly stressed, filled with self doubt, and those who are looking to find peace. She seeks to help them by sharing her knowledge of alternative healing options in the form of food, yoga, and plants.

The Mission of FYP

Chanti has had her share of encounters with overly priced everything. One thing she does not believe in is up selling what comes from nature. This includes exotic house plants, as well as FOOD that can be grown and harvested pretty much anywhere. This is how the mission of FYP came about.

The Mission of FYP is to bring health, wellness, and stress management to individual who believe they can not afford to take care of themselves due to the nature of their economic state. FYP will do this by offering fairly priced education, classes, and wellness events that pertains to nutrition, movement, and stress management techniques to assist the Normal American in leading a healthy and more fulfilling lifestyle. While FYP understands that some of these events or products do cost a great deal, the mission will find a way to make it more affordable, whether it be time based payments, scholarships, sponsors etc.

About Holistic Nutrition

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